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Winter is Around the Corner

Winter can be fun, but it can also be expensive for your vehicle, protect your wrap over the winter months.

We are all aware of the dangers of winter, freezing temperatures, ice, snow and salt can bring to our vehicles. You are already aware of the importance of snow tires and rust prevention applications in preparation for the winter months, but you also have to take into consideration your vehicle wrap.

Just like anything else vehicle wraps suffer in freezing temperature, with proper care and maintenance your wrap will not only withstand the winter but many to come.



We have all faced frozen windshields, and rear windows when heading into work on those cold early mornings. If you are running late and in a pinch we have all considered using anything from a credit card to a snow shovel, however these are terrible ideas. Taking an already dangers tool and adding frozen hands and rush timing into the mix it is a disaster waiting to happen. You could end up ripping off or damaging the wrap material on your vehicle or windows, resulting in the replacement on the damaged prices.
Instead use a gentle broom or cloth to remove the snow off the body, and using your defrost and window heaters are your best bet.


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Salt is used to melt snow and ice on the roads, as well as the roads are sprayed with liquid salt to keep the roads from icing up. This salt can be dangerous to your vehicle, so try and remove it as quickly as possible. Exposure to salt over a long period of time is very corrosive to vinyl and paint finishes. Salt can cause discoloration to the vehicle wraps overall design.
When the temperature allows it, hand wash your vehicle or take your vehicle through a touch less car wash and gentle dry with a microfiber cloth. Also remember to check the bottom of your vehicle as salt and sand can accumulate in the tight spots.


Brand image is important, it tells customers what to expect from your product or service. Your vehicle is on the road representing your company, ensure that it is represented in a positive way. If you follow the steps listed above you are doing your part to protect your investment and your vehicle wrap will withstand the winter elements for the years to come.

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