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Vehicle Graphics : Effective Promotional Graphics

To increase company revenues, businesses utilize a vast number of media outlets to attract new profit. Some of these resources include the internet, streaming, gaming, television, and radio. There are many ways to showcase advertisements within these services but the main seems to be commercials and pop-up ads. Although these are highly viewed by consumers, it can also distract their audiences causing them to step away or skip the ad. It’s hard to tell whether these plugs are successful in creating new business as many viewers claim to have forgotten or pay no mind to them. This leaves companies wondering what are the most effective ways of advertising without being bothersome and unforgettable.


Vehicle wraps are a great way to promote businesses. With endless customization options available from design, size, colours, and more, these mobile advertisements are sure to stand out and be seen by all. According to studies conducted by Neilson’s Out of Home Study, these moving billboards have the highest retention rate compared to other forms of media.

Ontario Motor Sales came to Unique asking for help to transform their 2020 Sparks, that’s parked in their showroom, into a promotional display. Our team quickly jumped to the task and designed a winter-themed decal kit to do just that. The color combination of the simple white graphics and the gloss black paint on the vehicle sure grabbed attention. It’s quite evident in the picture that OMS’s sales promotion will not go unnoticed.

Vehicle graphics are powerful advertising tools. The ability to personalize really caters to businesses and their messaging. Since these wraps are specifically designed, they can meet almost any budget. Unique Media Solutions uses only high-quality materials from 3M and Avery to ensure longevity and durability. Using such brands will guarantee advertisements are of the utmost top quality.

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