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Vehicle Graphics : Common Questions Asked

Here at Unique Media Solutions, we like to make our client’s decisions easy when it comes to promoting their brand and help make the process as seamless as possible. Our experienced team has been asked almost every question regarding vehicle wraps.

The top three questions asked are:

How long does the wrap last?

Will the wrap damage my vehicle?

How much does the wrap cost?



The life of the wrap depends on a few components. The quality of the vinyl is the main factor. UMS only uses the highest quality products, mainly Avery Dennison and 3M.  Both brands carry the best warranties on the market today and hold up to their reliable reputations. Installation is key! Hiring a knowledgeable installer will definitely help the lifespan of the wrap as edges and seams will be tucked into the vehicle crevices properly reducing risks of water, dirt, and other matters behind the vinyl causing it to peel off. Aftercare and maintenance are also essential to ensuring a long-lasting wrap. Following our recommendations of handwashing and waxing vehicles and avoiding power/pressure washing will extend the longevity too. Defrosting windows in the colder months instead of using ice scrapers will keep your window graphics in good condition for years. A maintained wrap can last between 5 to 7 years.


An interesting fact about wraps is that the vinyl acts as a protective barrier between your vehicle’s paint and the outdoor elements.  Not only does the vinyl protect your paint from the UV rays of the sun, but it also protects it from small rock chips. 3M and Avery products are manufactured by industry leaders and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that no damage will come to your factory painted vehicle. Our experienced installers remove graphics in-house using proper heat guns and tools to avoid any damages to your vehicle. We highly recommend you contact us before attempting to remove any vinyl yourself.


Price is important, however, quality is what really matters. UMS ensures that all of its clients receive the most value from any graphic package. Our experienced team of sales, designers, production, and installers are dedicated to creating the most effective wrap that meets your budget.  Our mission is to help our clients succeed.


If you have any additional questions or are considering adding some graphics to your vehicle, contact us today to see how our team can help with a strategically designed graphic package for you!  Please call us at 1 –844-466-6555 or visit our location at 1375 Hopkins St. Whitby ON. We’d love to answer your questions and provide you with a quote.