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Tips for Having Effective Vehicle Graphics

Let us try something new today – we will try to get inside the mind of an excited business owner:


“Oh, man, I am psyched! I just decided to finally get graphics on my company vehicles. It will be awesome to have those vehicles start making me some money, NOT just costing me some. Now, what content should be reflected? Hmmm. Hold on, what do I want my company vehicles to look like? What colours should I choose? What information should be included? How MUCH information should be put there? What do other company’s vehicles say? How do I get the MOST from my investment?”


Now… back to reality.


Well, that was stressful? As easy as it might be to decide that you want graphics on your vehicles, deciding on the content for your wraps can still be a daunting task, especially if this is the first time you will ever try using vehicle wraps. But, don’t fret! We have prepared three basic tips for you to follow when deciding on your vehicle wraps.


#01. Simplicity is Key

This tip is of utmost importance and absolutely critical if you want your vehicle wrap to be the most effective. You should keep in mind that people only have a few seconds to see your vehicle on the road. So, in three to four seconds your target audience should be able to know who you are, what you offer or do, and how to get in touch with you. There are times that it will be tempting to include as much information on your vehicles as possible, but you do not want to confuse, or overwhelm your target audience by including too much information.


#02. The Right Colours are Essential

While this tip might seem like an afterthought, you have to keep in mind that the colours represented on your wrap can make all the difference. So, before the wrap goes on, you have to make sure that all your colours compliment each other. You also have to be sure that the text on your vehicles has HIGH CONTRAST. The main reason for this is you want your main message on your vehicles to really POP when people see it. VISIBILITY and READABILITY are paramount with vehicle wraps.


#03. Your Designer Matters

As mentioned earlier it is best to keep your design simple, and the use of colour is important. So the next question you have to answer is this: How can it look THAT good? The answer is rather simple: find a company who has experience with graphic design, and years of experience designing high impact vehicle wraps. Not just any designer will do.


If you or anyone you know are looking for a company offering amazing vehicle wraps, then give us a call today! Our team of experts will work with you to meet your needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!