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The New Normal : Social Distancing & Signage

These past few months have certainly turned the world, as we knew it. From our regular routines of work and play, this pandemic has thrown our lives into a whirlwind of unprecedented times. Most of us have been left wondering and feeling anxious about our futures. With businesses shutting down and/or closing beyond our control, we are left to sit and ponder our outcomes. Fortunately, throughout all of this, our essential workers have stayed on the front lines to ensure our health and safety and provided us with everything we needed.

As the number of cases of Covid19 have slowly decreased over time, establishments have gradually reopened. However, with people still cautious and hesitant to step back into stores, some businesses have endured hardships gaining their revenues back. As we can all empathize with one another, we can also come together and help everyone feel at ease as they introduce themselves back into their usual outings. By businesses implementing safety protocols, they can assure their customers that their health and safety is at the utmost importance and can feel comfortable to come in. There are many ways that businesses can manage these protocols. Displaying signage, posters, and floor labels and markers would inform and encourage guests about the procedures and what is expected while in the business to ensure a safe environment. These signs and labels are very important and can include specific information to help ease the anxiousness of some. Signs can be easily placed anywhere around the establishment and can be removed and rearranged at any time to accommodate new protocols should they arise.

Unique Media Solutions is dedicated to our clients and helping them achieve their goals. UMS can produce these signs and is able to offer customizable graphics to ensure they match and business or business owner’s vision. Unique has already helped business and has shown great success with any positive feedback. Some of our graphics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Entrance Notifications

Signage on storefronts is very effective for outlining policies while in the business. These signs can include, (but not limited to), mandatory mask wearing, specific store policies, number of maximum customers in the store at a time, and expected health requirements. Signs posted in specific places are the utmost effective. High traffic areas such as front windows, doors, and near entranceways and patios are most practical.

Directional Displays

Grocery, drug mart, department stores, and marketplaces all generate high volumes of customers throughout the day. It is imperative that the flow of traffic remain organized and follow directional pathways to eliminate as much “bumping into” as possible. Signs and floor markers will indicate to customers what direction they are expected to comply with while in the store. Customers can walk down each isle in ease and avoid others walking closely. Sometimes this is unavoidable but it will alleviate the hustle as we’re accustomed too. These displays are customizable and can be made into floor markers, a-frame signs, overhead wall signage, and more.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a great way to keep isles and pathways clear of signs while still informing customers of directions and standing locations in line ups. Estimating the proper 6 feet regulation can be tricky for some, especially in tight areas. Floor graphics are an easy way for customers to know exactly where to stand while keeping that safe distance in the checkouts. Customers can feel safe waiting for their turn and can simply move to the next graphic when the line moves up.

Learning to live in a pandemic is stressful and hard in itself. Many are still finding ways to manage through the struggle one way or another. While the entire world tries to discover how to defeat this intimidating sickness, we can come together and helping each other succeed in other ways. For businesses and business owners, Unique Media Solutions is dedicated to helping companies maximize their growth and revenue through media and signage. Let UMS help display your business within an assortment and customizable ways. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!