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Standing Out = Increased Revenues

In your highly competitive area of business, you are constantly looking for ways to have your brand stand out and get noticed. The surest way to accomplish this is by wrapping your company vehicles. This form of marketing is one of the most cost-effective and visually appealing forms of advertising.


Our client, Simpson Refrigeration & Heating purchased 2 brand new Ford Transits with the intention of transforming them into mobile billboards for the purpose of enhancing their professional image and generating more business. They had UMS’s experienced design team come up with a custom design to suit their needs. After some minor edits, the design was finalized. Once the design was approved, the design moved into our production department, where UMS’s skilled production team printed the graphics. After allowing the graphics to properly dry, the graphics were laminated, thus adding a protective layer to them. Finally, the graphics were then handed to our certified installers to bring the project home.


There are numerous things that our design team takes into consideration when creating a design for our client. Most notably are the following:


  1. Keep it simple yet visually appealing – you want the wrap to garner attention. However, it has to be the right attention which means it must invoke a positive impression on viewers.
  2. Easy to read and large fonts – you want to ensure all text is clear and legible. The purpose of the wrap is to generate new interest and they need to know what your company is all about
  3. Most importantly, include all contact information – you need to inform prospective clients how to contact you. Make sure you include all avenues of contact, website, social media, and phone number.

If you want to enhance your company image while increasing your brand awareness at an affordable price contact us today at 1-844-466-6555 or [email protected]