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How to Maximize the Reach of Your Brand Message with Signs and Visual Graphics

All businesses, every day, are on the move – multitasking and consuming information more than ever before. If you are a manager or business owner, ask yourself this; is your message getting noticed above the current visual noise or is it getting lost in the crowd? The key to an effective marketing strategy is having several different touch points and platforms. Keep in mind that it takes multiple exposures for your brand and message to be noticed.


Here are three ideas that outline ways in which you can maximize your business’ message reach:


#1. Create an eye catching first impression.

One thing is certain, first impressions are lasting impressions, which means they are essential in confirming your brand. In order to create an eye catching first impression in your signage, be it window and door graphics, site and monument signs and or exterior wraps, they must be designed to stand out and get noticed. The use of vibrant colours, clear and concise wording and a professional image are all essential in creating that positive first impression. A strong, clear brand message will draw peoples’ attention, making them to want to enter your store or business and become a repeat customer.


#2. Benefit from moving billboards.

The most effective and cost-efficient means to garner the highest views by potential and existing clients is by wrapping your company vehicles in graphics. By doing so, you transform your vehicle into a moving billboard for your company. Whether you are driving or parked, your vehicle is promoting your business 24/7. With the average wrap lasting an excess of 3 years, your company benefits from the positive exposure over an extended period of time. Also, as your vehicle is mobile, you can strategically drive through and park at certain locations to gain maximum views.


#3. Create multiple opportunities.

Each graphic and sign helps serve as a point of contact between your business and your customers. Therefore, it is important to utilize the different elements and surfaces in your space, no matter the size, to create opportunities that will promote your brand message. If you have small spaces, they can feel larger with wall graphics or interesting signage. More spacious buildings can utilize hanging posters, dimensional signs and décor graphics. From your floors to your ceiling, your organization or business can benefit by communicating with customers from multiple places.

To get your message noticed by customers and visitors, make sure to create a memorable sign and visual graphics placed in multiple locations that are relevant to your target audience. Contact us today for more details.