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GMC Savanna: Full Wrap Promote Your Business in a Positive Manner

There is no better way to promote your business than using your own personal or corporate vehicle. To that end, Brolaws once again came to us with a request to wrap their new GMC Savana. They know that nothing promotes their business more than having their fleet of vehicles wrapped with the exact same branding.  In doing so, they have capitalized on portraying a consistent, professional means to promote their business that truly stands out and gets noticed.

For these reasons, Brolaws asked us to wrap another one of their Savanas.  Knowing how effective their previous wrapped vehicle was, they wanted their newest van to be wrapped exactly the same. The wrap was designed to give it that home renovation look with the hardwood texturing. The subtle greys give it an elegant look and, of course, all the pertinent contact and service information was once again included. Since Brolaws is well known on HGTV, the HGTV logo was once again included on the back of the van.

The client was thrilled to see yet another successful quality wrap completed, in a timely fashion by us.  Please see completed pictures of their wrapped vehicle inside this blog.

Regardless of the size of the project, we can work with you to make your vision become reality.   Whether it’s a fleet of vehicles you need fully wrapped or some cut text to advertise a special, your business is having, vinyl allows you the flexibility to make it happen.

Visit our portfolio page here to see more pictures of vehicles we’ve wrapped.


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