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Ford Transit – Decal Package

Entrepreneurs today can attest that owning a business requires forward-thinking. The who, what, where, and how to successfully promote a company is constant wonders in business owners’ minds. With the right executions and tools, companies are sure to rack in that extra revenue.

Maxan Drywall takes every opportunity to advertise their company. With many of their vehicles wrapped and on the road currently, they understand the importance and power of a moving billboard. The amount of views vehicles receive in a day are incomparable and Maxan Drywall knows the benefits this type of branding has. That’s why Maxan Drywall came to UMS as soon as they bought 2 brand new Chevy Silverados. Since Unique has collaborated with Maxan before, the team was able to mock up the designs to specifically fit the new trucks. The graphics were quickly made and installation was scheduled in a fast and timely matter. Maxan Drywall had their newly wrapped vehicles on the road in no time!

If you are interested in wrapping a vehicle or updating existing graphics please contact UMS today to see how our experienced team can help.

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