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Di Noc Architectural Design

Looking to update a space or create a focal point in your office or home? Let Unique show how quickly and easily it can be done with 3M Di Noc.

3M Di Noc is available in over 700 different colours and textures that create dynamic effect on any area. With the 3M adhesive air release technology for fast and virtually bubble-free application, these films are ideal for both remodels and new construction.

Why Choose 3M Di-Noc?

  1. Large Selection – No Matter what area you are looking to cover you will find what you are looking for in the over 700 different patterns to select from. There are even 21 different product categorizes ranging from Wood Grain, Fine woods, Concrete, Leather, Marble, Metallic and many more finishes.
  2. Quick and Clean to Install – Minimizes the turn around time and disruption to work spaces getting you back up and running sooner.
  3. Budget Friendly – Specifically when remodeling existing substraits (surfaces) are used so costs are substantially minimized when you are reusing fixtures, walls and furniture.
  4. Environmentally Friendly – 3M Di-Noc is not produced from trees or metal-barring ores. A green building product, it goes up quickly with less chance of waste. Due to the products’ chemical make they have earned LEED credits for green building.

    With 3M Di-Noc an entirely new look is created, quickly and inexpensively without compromising on aesthetics, due to the films uncanny resemblance to natural materials.

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