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Business 101: Storefronts

Business 101: Storefronts

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and your store front tells your audience something about your company before you or your staff have any interaction with them. From your storefront; your audience will derive an expectation of the service they might receive which will lead them to decide whether or not to partner with your company.

With all the competition out there all dying to gain your audience attention, it is vital that your store front has specific characteristics such as:

  • Being designed to stand out
  • Be memorable
  • A positive, clear & concise message
  • Instills confidence in your audience

So, the big question is: How do you get your store front to achieve those top 4 characteristics? The first step is to analyze your current façade. By asking yourself these simple questions you will be able to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Is the message that you are trying to promote positive, clear and concise?

In other words, is it easy to understand and does it leave viewers with the feeling that this business is professional?

  • Is your façade well-lit and clear?
  • Does your façade catch your attention? Or does it just blend in or get lost with other signage.
  • Is it obvious what you do or offer?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can move onto creating a memorable storefront that works with your brand.  Remember, to attract more customers, you must create a memorable, positive branded exterior. As studies have shown people strongly prefer to do business with companies that have an attractive, inviting store front.

  • Keep your signage simple – meaning less is actually more. When there is too much on the signage, your potential audience will actually ignore it, as it is too busy. They view it as taking too much effort to read it and they tend to not remember it.
  • The signage should be easily visible to passersby – so potential customers or vehicles can easily notice and understand your message.
  • The signage should be creative and stand out, so people will remember your business in a positive way.
  • Helpful suggestion – provide store hours, website and phone number on either your door or window, which will help inform potential clients of your information.
  • Decorative accessories such as banners, flags and sandwich boards, are all good accompaniments to your signage to help emphasize your current promotions.

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