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Anti Graffiti Initiative

Graffiti is the painting, drawing, or the placement of a mark on public or private property without permission. When any type of graffiti is placed on public or private property without permission, it is considered vandalism which is against the law. Municipalities such as the GTA and Hamilton are doing their part to combat the negative impact that graffiti is having on their cities.
Graffiti is not a victimless crime and affects everyone. First and foremost it leaves the impression that no one cares, it discourages customers from shopping, leading to loss in sales, it greatly decreases the aesthetic appeal, and not to mention the millions of dollars of city funds (taxpayers money) for removal.
Together with local artists, the City of Toronto and Hamilton are taking a common eye sore and turning them into pieces of art. These plain grey traffic control boxes can be found on almost every busy intersection in the city . Now, these control boxes are a showcase for local artists work, printed and protected with 3M Anti Graffiti materials.
3M has generated an laminate that will with stand the abuse of abrasion, painting or permanent marker. The perfect addition to the artists creations protecting it for the time to come.
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